Trumpism: A distinction between taking him literally vs. seriously or seriously vs. literally


The use of the distinction between taking Trump literally vs. seriously and the use of this distinction to describe his use of this politically

From “Sludgin”to Scandinavian antidotes to winter…


Sludge vs nudge, the perceptions of sexual harassment based upon political inclination, who reads context better, and the politics of taste buds...winter goes better with...

Some confirmative research, and some disconfirming…


Looking at things like money and education in relation to life satisfaction, the ‘elder exposure effect’, alcohol use in relationship, and the whimsical aspects of therapy models. Oh yeah, parental mental health and kids...

Religious typology, Cognitive bias, and Autism research


Examines religions variegated expression, bias impediment in clinical work, and some things related to autism,



Discussion of recent concerns for and definitions of empathy

The science of nerdiness and where are we “giving psychology away?”


The nerd is less ambitious than motivated and psychology is giving itself more to the market than public domains

Oh no COVID again!?! Four empirically-based interventions for COVID psychological impact


Pathology and presenting problems in clinical practice are now often amplified by the psychological, social or economic impact of COVID. There are some things that help.

Standing about thoughtfully around the dinner table


Power postures are re-visited regarding replication and their credibility as well as who can benefit from mindfulness. As well, research supports eating together as a family seems to be a good idea!

Re-visiting some previous topics


We have spoken of video games and the replication crisis in psychology as well as harm avoidance reduction in relation to  benefit. These topics are visited again in the light of most recent publications.

Cannabis in clinical practice and Practice wills


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