The Ignoble Prizes for 2021


The Society for Improbable Research and their annual awards and personality type indicators (MBPI)

The impact of adolescent culture on all of us


History of the study of teens and how teen spirit effects us all.

Wait! Your patient might have koro!!


Folk diagnosis around the world

Not an entertaining podcast this time, but edifying!


A very narrow discussion of diagnosis and classification in mental health disorder...

Albert Bandura (Dec. 4, 1925-July 26, 2021)


A quick remembrance of this great Alberta native son

Psychotropics as back to the future, and beyond


The potential for neuro growth through the use of psychotropics, ASMR (appeared in The White Lotus as popular culture) and now even 'laughing gas' is on the scene!  

Good enough parenting


It is not what you do as much as the things you ought not do that make you a good enough parent

Predisposition: issues in several areas which serve healing


How moral foundations may predispose to PTSD, how ACEs predispose individuals to later life pathology, what predisposes adults to getting past divorce, and biological treatment for predisposed memory loss.

Time moves quick or slow depending on age and Kahneman and co-authors concept of ’noise’ in our lives


There appears to be a fast vs. slow experience of time based upon age and our nervous systems capacity to process events around us and the impact of “noise" upon our choices-a book review, sort of.

Success and privilege-the ‘choice mindset’


How the degrees of freedom in our lives, reflected in power and privilege, bestow a belief in individual responsibility for one’s fate...

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