Some new stuff related to psychophysiology


Neurofeedback/mindfulness up-date, somatic symptoms and treatment, and why it is time for Tai Chi, but couldn’t resist a little bit on the magic-averse

Biologicals: From psychedelics through ADHD and a very useful resource for us!


Medscape as a resource for us relative to biological treatment; emphasis upon drug interaction, compilation on psychedelic research and treatment implications  and ADHD biological treatment getting popular in France!

‘Until things change, it may be the best we can hope for is to determine the shoe size of the boot that might be placed upon our throats”


APA special issue of the role of psychology in public policy and building the good or better life

Aging, brain ‘growth’ charts, and suicide with mental health professionals


Factors related to age and cognitive decline, normative brain development, and suicidality in psychologists

Self-regulation in therapy


CNS/ANS focused treatment and ‘who hates magic'

Plant and nutrient-based treatments in psychology-A Review of efficacy


Nutraceuticals and phytoceuticals are often linked to mental illness and its treatment. What however does make a difference and to what degree?

Polarities in political belief and practice: Research on cognitive sophistication


The divisions discussed and propositions offered here are in actuality a part of the problem and we might be a bit ashamed of any smugness the content provides... 

AI and it’s place in psychology


A peak into the issue of Artificial Intelligence in psychology; no not the moral nor ethical implications involved but its use in day to day professional life 

“ I have done my research!!!”


What we ought to really think about when we are ‘doing our research’ and additional relevant thoughts thereof...

Yeah, but not me! and parents optimism


Optimism as unrealistic self appraisal and the costs to health and well-being and parental trust as inoculation against a precarious world...

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