Intellectual Humility-a good thing or a bad thing?


The best of us are often filled with doubt and tentativeness while the worst of us are emboldened by certainty and intolerance ...

Can i buy that problem? APA top 10 articles for past year


Financial incentivization in clinical practice and the top 10 articles offered this past year from APA

Who lies and who doesn’t in making a decision/expressing an opinion, teeth tell, and the benefit of driving outside our cultural lanes


The battle over uncertainty in making decisions and the use of deceit to serve ones self and dental psychometrics as well as the utility of multi-cultural experience

Being a psychologist may be hazardous to your health


A discussion of the Big Four-burnout, compassion fatigue, traumatic distress and vicarious traumatization-in mental health practice 

Guns not crazy is the reason for kid shootings in the U.S.


an editorial commentary based upon opinion in Medscape on mass murder and the role of ‘mental illness’ in these horrific events

The extradition of Julian Assange


What ought be the impact of ASD diagnosis on legal process and a creepy alternative to prison...

Curiosity kills no cats and the big tent of neurodiversity…pain as personal narrative


The benefit of episystemic curiosity and the issue of neurodiversity as consolidating concept for ADHD and finally how pain can become the primary narrative in a patient’s life, and the costs

Hegemonic Whiteness: Structural elaboration of the costs and the reactance inherent in white privelege


Following the works of W.E.B. Du Bois and Ta-Nehesi Coates, an article on the burden and costs of the definitions of whiteness and white privilege

Some new stuff related to psychophysiology


Neurofeedback/mindfulness up-date, somatic symptoms and treatment, and why it is time for Tai Chi, but couldn’t resist a little bit on the magic-averse

Biologicals: From psychedelics through ADHD and a very useful resource for us!


Medscape as a resource for us relative to biological treatment; emphasis upon drug interaction, compilation on psychedelic research and treatment implications  and ADHD biological treatment getting popular in France!

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