Plant and nutrient-based treatments in psychology-A Review of efficacy


Nutraceuticals and phytoceuticals are often linked to mental illness and its treatment. What however does make a difference and to what degree?

Polarities in political belief and practice: Research on cognitive sophistication


The divisions discussed and propositions offered here are in actuality a part of the problem and we might be a bit ashamed of any smugness the content provides... 

AI and it’s place in psychology


A peak into the issue of Artificial Intelligence in psychology; no not the moral nor ethical implications involved but its use in day to day professional life 

“ I have done my research!!!”


What we ought to really think about when we are ‘doing our research’ and additional relevant thoughts thereof...

Yeah, but not me! and parents optimism


Optimism as unrealistic self appraisal and the costs to health and well-being and parental trust as inoculation against a precarious world...

Another Psychology that goes bump in the night


Time to time, there are articles that touch upon the edge of the mainstream and here is another one...Zombie science and basis for the odd/quirky, effect of distance healing study, haunted house experience, and hearing voices!

Psychology at work


Mindfulness reminder, work and eating, micro-breaks, and emotive music to be nicer AND Amundson has to run quick from his walk out music b/4 it gets too real!!!!!

Tapas- bit this and that


Primal/foundational beliefs, new term to lay on your friends, Rollo May to the rescue, oops! mindfulness not always to the rescue,  anti-woke warriors and response to such...

Taekwondo Research and a walk down memory lane for this old man


The impact on conduct/behaviour of Taekwon Do with kids and opportunity to wax poetic on my involvement in the sport!

Cleaning up the desk!!!


Latest psychological data on Tylenol, Nudge qualified, implicit bias training effects, Rap to the rescue, and clowns in the hospital!

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